Romantic Vienna

Anyone who has visited Vienna in summer knows that the city is a tourist hotspot – that includes crowded places, lots of noise and hectic happenings. I was curious if I could find nevertheless a sense of romance in Vienna: I decided to go for a walk in the evening exploring the old town of Vienna. It was the perfect timing for my little walk because the last rays of light hit the historic buildings and the mild summer evening contributed to the romantic charm: I passed by art galleries, old book stores and beautiful inner courtyards. Surprisingly there were just a few people on the streets and I could actually enjoy the city and its treasures. A small guided tourist group came along my way and I listened to the interesting words of the guide about the narrow allays while walking to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral where a young woman sang French ballades with her band in front of the church. I spotted a Vespa in an inner courtyard and imagined how lovely it must be to explore the town this way. To sum it up, it was a really lovely evening and I was surprised that it was actually possible to find a little bit of silence and romance – even if there were many tourists around, I could still enjoy some quality time.

Vienna first district
Ruby Hotel Lissi Vienna
Inner courtyard Vienna
Domgasse Vienna 777
Vienna streetphotogrpahy
St. Stephen's Cathedrial Vienna
Romantic tour through Vienna
First district Vienna
St. Stephen's Cathedrial Vienna
Window view St. Stephen's Cathedrial Vienna
Green Vienna
Green Vienna
Kleines Café Wien
Franziskanerplatz Wien
Franziskaner Platz Wien
Franziskaner Platz Wien
Restaurator Wien
Romantic Vienna Berger
Vienna door
Vienna Inner Courtyard
Inner Courtyard Vienna with Vespa
Innenhof Wien
St. Stephen's Cathedrial Vienna
St. Stephen's Cathedrial Vienna
Orchideen Wien
Historic Part Vienna
Vienna view
Vienna at golden hour
St. Stephen's Cathedrial

Vienna calling

Exploring new places is one of my favourite things to do. I am happy when I am able to walk around with no destination in mind and take pictures of things which randomly catch my interest.
I have been in Vienna a few times, but it still feels like a new place to me. There are so many things to discover and therefore a weekend is definitely too short to spot the whole beauty.
This time I visited the Museum of Applied Arts (called MAK) amongst other places. Stefan Sagmeister’s “The Happy Show” is a very interesting and inspiring exhibition, which I can highly recommend and can be seen until 28.03.2016.

Stefan Sagmeister The Happy Show
MAK The Happy Show
Stefan Sagmeister The Happy Show
Sagmeister The Happy Show
Best Poster 2014
FKA Twigs
Aida Makronen
Gasometer Wien
Hot Chocolate
Wien 1. Bezirk

That inimitable impression of having done and seen a million things within just a few short days while on vacation allows you to discern time more fully.
— Rosa Park